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Long Term Care Insurance

Whether you're looking for long term care insurance for yourself, or for a client, you want to be certain you're getting the best value.
We believe there is no single policy that provides the best value for every client. You have to search the market not only for which carriers have the lowest price, but also for which provides the best fit of policy features for your family situation and personal objectives.

Learn more about what Medicare will and will not do to help with long term care.  Click here for the latest 2001Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare.

You might feel more comfortable with an indemnity policy.
You might feel that is relatively unimportant and prefer a policy with a survivor benefit.
Yet you might prefer not to have to work through a home care agency, perhaps hiring someone from a social of religious organization to which you belong, thereby perhaps increasing the purchasing power of your benefit dollar.
Still you might prefer to finish paying premiums prior to retirement.
That is where we can help.

While representing only a select group of high quality competitive insurance carriers, we have a database of the rates and contract language of all of the major carriers (and many of the minor ones, nearly 50 in all). We also have the best value for any particular persons more attractive then another for a particular persons situation.
Let our knowledge and expertise work for you. 


   If you would like a long term care insurance quote, click here to get a     comprehensive and competitive quote

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